Sunday, October 23, 2005

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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Look whoz back !!

well !!! Satan may fear to tread here ,but am too lazy to evn come here ..if that allayz hiz fearz ..itz been a long month since i posted something .The month came n went by and I managed to finish 10 site throughout Punjab.The toughest part was doing w/o being online...I saw the slaughter on the sensex and couldnt scratch a ratz ass bout it....well ..didnt lose 2 much xcpt some sleep ..Imagine not a single webworld had the data cable in stock ..and this would include evn Chandigarh much 4 being at a happenin place..... grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

The good news is that finally I have settled for the incumbent laptop.I was feelin screwed since a pal quoted lower price for the model which I previously got from my vendor.But one look at the Lenovo website for prices n my demons are at rest.Talkin of laptops ,I managed to configure mine with the RO lan..firstly through the cable n then..thru WiFi ...ahem ...oki the SI on assignment helped...But man an awsum feelin ....I even installed the printer driver on the RO pc..wirelessly ...runnin the driver CD in my laptop (they dont have Drives on the outlet pcs )...All this ...sittin at the adjacent dhabha sippin a cuppa I love technology :) n am I cool or what ...hmm Mr WiFi...i guess this is one of the few occassions whn I actually feel that my engineering degree has consequence than an excuse for killing 4 yrz ..
This leg of tour othervise was ok ...GK tld me tht hel b sendin me to news also pilfered thru tht urz trulyis amongst those promoted to the rank of lead trainer ...which means.....nothin.........just tht now I will officially handle my own team ...As if my CV wasnt showin tht responsibility on the various job sites ..ever since I got this job:p...Thebosses have somehow been generous with the job titles...and thatz bout it ..we started off as .. application s/w trainer...then retalix trainer..then IT Trainer ahem...then commisioning team a lead trainer ..I dont think even a Train would be havin so man bogeys than what we trainers have 4 job titles....n thtz itz...still wud b paid the same pittiance ..n now wud wud b made evn more grateful for the "Excellent learning Experience "..the only learning I seem to b gettin is to live on a shoestring budget ....
...I came back with a sense of achievementand a bad cold...runny nose n the works ..
Have my GMAT on the 21st n havent even purchased a book shit lethargic..which brings me to my plans for ISB...which as of now have been put on freeze now I wont b batch2 007 but 008.....yaaa right ... as if I have open ticket for ISB..
When I think bout it ...might turn out to be a smart move....placement wise..this is the only consequential job I have had till date b...a BPO n a PR firm isnt ne1z idea of career accomplishment....The company needz me for the prjct ...itz gonna b real hectic in the coming weeks ..wid Ambani saab shooting off targets to all TM's...
Also me n my ilk are more productive than the Master Trainers, not to mention ..hell cheaper to maintain...I jst hope whn March comes, I have somethin to smile bout......A Master Trainer job title wud b nice ....the only Master thing happnin othrvise is the bation one :p
btw happy gandhi jayanti !!!

All 4 tonite