Saturday, October 21, 2006

Cold Water

It's been many moons since i posted anything...anything..yes I have been busy...settling into a new job, coping with the same clients, adjusting to bigger office, gorging on iced tea. I have indeed been tied up with stuff, but lazy is the more appropriate term.
I have almost made my mind NOT to go for an MBA .Despite constant encouragement from friends, promises of a better lifestyle and fatter paychecks, I find myself unwilling to subject myself a year of intellectual subservience.

The biggest question is why should i go for a MBA ?
More money would be good, especially when I am only making half of what my batchmates from Engineering are making. But how many of them actually get the same degree of happiness writing code that i derive from my work. How many do actually look forward to begin the next day, so that they can hang around their boss and colleagues.
How many of them can actually stand up to their boss and say that you have a better way and not get your balls frozen with an icy stare?
I already know quite a few of them are disillusioned with their lives, their jobs and their cubicles.
Ask them what they would rather be doing and you would get everything except writing code. And to think I am doing most of the things those people only dream of.
So its established I would not be in an S/W company anytime soon.
Now why not an MBA ?
After all its the big ticket to a jet seeting career. Your stock goes up quite a few notches in the biradri. You are eyed as a prized catch for daughters at every marriage or funeral.Your example is cited to inspire young kids.
The most honest reason for not doing an MBA is ...well ..i don't have ANY reason to go for an MBA. I would safely assume that the big money one gets paid is a compensation for the drain it makes on your life. I am at ease not making a stockpile of moolah and retaining a life. Having said that I still nurture hopes of Plan B..