Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Management lessons from a havan kund

Some thoughts stuck me while "Shivratri Pooja"was being performed at home.
Here they are
  • Throw the the wet wood away. It creates only smoke ( Attitude is more important than potential,bad attitude not only drains the resources but also creates a bad environment )
  • Make sure only dry wood is used ( Take people who have the ability and the attitude to accomplish )
  • Have different sizes of firewood . ( Have both experience and youth in your team )
  • Dont clutter the kund with too much wood . Gradually add as the flame picks up (Start with the most crucial and relevant people and add to the team as and when required )
  • Keep the pieces of wood slightly apart ( Give individuals their own space within a team)
  • The thinnest piece of wood catches the fire faster and should be used to propagate the flame. (The most inexperienced members of a team are the most excitable . Use them to create passion and energy ,both of which are infectious )
  • Add ghee periodically and strategically to wood closest to the flame and not the farthest away (Give Incentives for extra efforts and not as bribe to underperformers)
  • Throw thick chunks of wood in the heart of the flame.(Give responsible opportunities to high potential people )
  • Move the wood occassionaly It ensures that wood burns completely . (Appraise regularly )
  • Ensure sufficient ventilation.( Allow the team members to voice their opinions and concerns )
  • Don't put your hand in the fire unless required.(Avoid micromanagement.This only erodes the confidence of the team)
  • Fan the flame when it seems to die.(Motivate and challange people when they seem to slacken .)
The are original thoughts and not copied from anywhere. I would welcome additional observations from my readers.

Maniacal Monday -1


Monday, February 20, 2006

Hospital diary

Hospitals by no means are pleasant place.I don't think anyone apart from those who work there would be keen on visiting it (barring the expectant mother).There is this gloom in the air ,which even the five star ambience of an Apollo or even a Fortis cannot override.

For starters I would like to categorise the patients.There are those who are chronically ill seasoned campaigners for whom hospital is home away from home . And there are those who just discovered some ailment and are there for the treatment.The former would have a bored looking attendant watching the TV or giving the nth version of the patient's progress to the odd visitor,
The newbie patient would invariably be having a whole posse siting in the lobby ,with distant relatives pouring in to mark their attendance.
It is a safe assumtion that Indians need a lesson in hospital etiquette. The great Indian visit to the hospital is done with the same attitude as a trip to the airport to receive a Kukku chacha .That is loud ,boisterous and in overwhelming numbers.
We invaribaly expect that the hospital accomdate our entire battalion of a dozen odd people in the restricted hour .And why not ?? After all ,you have paid the outrageous bill the hospital charges.You have every right to treat it as your property and abuse the poor security guard for doing his duty.And when its all said and done ,curse the hospital and tell the stranger sitting next to you 'ek number ke chor hain yahan '!

It does'nt matter whether you are causing inconvenience to other patients,never mind inflicting those battered bodies with your fresh street germs.
This saddens me a great deal because even my family is guilty of the same at times.
But when I look at it and think about it,this has been a part of our socio - cultural conditioning.The hospital case is just a small example of a deeper malaise,a simple truth ,that we utterly lack any civility and sensitivity ...and it shows

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A year in the making..

Let us see....Feb 28 2006 .....One year in my present company...one whole year of a measly salary ...indifferent bosses...god forsaken locations...rude food...of hopes and disappointments..illusions and delusions...well one year..one whole year ...

The year came and went by... like Sourav Ganguly at the crease...Actually Ankur's blog got me thinking bout how time has flown ...Last time I saw him was in DAKC ..he was there on work and I was there for my training..Since then hez almost done with his PG and bout 2 embark on a wonderful professional journey ( with a fat pay cheque and the works :)..all the best dude)..
and I am still not able settle into my job...All in a matter of a year ...

This reminds me of Einstein's thoery of relativity ...("how a minute feels like an hour in a hot stove...and a vice versa in the presence of a lovely lady" ...'In Einstein's own words')..
Well my year wasn't most certainly in the presence of any lovely lady...but it did pass fast...

I am wondering how much can change in a year ...hmmm..well a lot ..let me see..well I do actually have something to show on my resume ...companies are trippin over each other to hire me ...ahem ..well not really ...unlike last year...I can demand my price..n what else..travelled big time...places I never thought I would see..actually wasnt even aware such places exist...sample this 'Sansiyon ka Tilla' near Barmer in Rajasthan... Bhikhi ,Bhadaur ,Ratia ,Rania....list is endless...well overall the journey has been nice..till now ...towards the end the trip is souring ...and something like whts in the picture...
till next time