Friday, May 12, 2006


More than two weeks have since I took my current responsibilities .The first task given to me was to create a training module for IOCL pump attendants .The scope of the project seems big considering that in addition to the bread and butter PPT's we also shot a video.

For a change I was imparted a real responsibility .Shot some photographs of the process for making the posters and the slides.

I hadn't realized it so far but after a gentle reminder from my boss , it came to my knowledge that I could claim some expertise on "Petrol Pump Operations", having slogged my posterior for a better part of the last financial year(weird coincidence) at unheard of places in desolate corners of N. India for Reliance. Perhaps my ahem..loyal and persistent readers have an idea of my escapades as documented in my earlier posts.

So one fine evening took Kiran to the designated outlet and got some pictures clicked.Without adieu,a dispenser was hijacked for the purpose and by the end of it ,we had something to show.The weird part was bumping into the guy who had interviewed me a week back and offered a job in his company and whose idea of a salary would't enthrall a bunny on heat. He was conducting a program there,so luckily manage to get past him by just exchanging pleasantries.

Strangely my boss enquired about that chap being present their.Apparently
that gentleman leads one of our key competitiors with this particular client.I couldnt resist boasting about him giving me a job offer and my rejecting it.The resulting cold glare from boss will insure that I do keep my big mouth shut from now on about such matters .

Anyhows got down to work on the posters and got them printed them the next day.Felt real proud when I saw the results ,coz I WAS ON EVERY FRIGGIN POSTER :) (well I supz thatz the least I could do,especially when I AM DESIGNING it :))
Later the news andthe responsibility of the video shoot was passed on to me.This resulted in my spending two sleepless nights at a Petrol Pump (deja Vu..huh)..drifted between multiple degrees of consciousness to the shouts of silence and action !!

This along with the combined disappointment and the boos of the junta who had apparently gathered to catch a glimpse of the STARS .

The next day had to leave for Paresh and JK's wedding at Mathura .Packed off with two pals from college in my trusted (????) , freshly dented (my evidence for females can't drive), fuel pump re-calibrated (they screwed up the first time round) and teflon coated gleaming BLACK Indica.( trust me when I say that black is not 'in' this summer).
Passed by our dear college on the highway. It was so friggin hot that we had to abort our original kamikaze assault (with fluid bodily excretions) on the college compound for all the sufferings it had bestowed upon us.

But a last minute brainwave ensured that we did give the one fingered (u knw which one) salute.Woefully eyeing the next line of hapless and unsuspecting Engineers, gathered on a hot saturday afternoon at the gates of ' abbatoir of Modern India' , fresh from duly completing (read copying) their project files for the ensuing end semester viva ( The one friggin day of the semester when the faculty is on its worst diabetes inducing behaviour,not to mention the endless plates of kaju barfi ,pepsi's and what not ) ... we moved on

Will post about the Mathura Trip alng with some pictures(hopefully) in next part .

ps Your's truly made his on screen debut in the training video,albeit a fleeting apperance as an irate customer ;)

Monday, May 01, 2006

New Role

The last two weeks have been the most hectic and rewarding professionally in recent memory.Your's truly has since then moved from his earlier project and profile of a Trainer into a new domain of Content Development.
In some ways it is a full circle for me in the company.When I had originally applied here , it was for a similar profile but invariably landed in an operational rollout .
For some strange reason whosoever had shortlisted me in the interview ,resigned in the coming days.This ensued that I ended up hung in suspended animation while my savings bled.
One fine day a new opening was advertised by my employer and I jumped at the chance. Within three days we were packed off to Mumbai and put up in a decent hotel near Worli Seaface.
Call it my luck that fifteen days into the training I recieve a call from my office that the decks for my joining the Content team have been cleared and I am supposed to report by next week.
Suddenly the realization dawns upo them that I am already a part of a different project and the offer is hastily withdrawn ;)

Anyhows ,had a good time in Mumbai, saw why it is better than Delhi on many fronts and where it sucks..saw ShahRukh Khan's bunglow on Bandstand and had pao bhaji at juhu chowapatty( highly overrated I might add) .I did get to know that most of the vendors there were from Agra/Mathura.Having been subjected to the mentioned places for all four years of my Engineering ,I did feel a fraternal bond with them.A mild chitchat laced with the Mathuraisqe dialect of Hindi (sample :kaa haigo lala ?) ensured that I got a complimentary Pao and some extra bhaji..
Well that all fond memories and the subsequent travails have been documented in my blog...

More will follow..