Thursday, July 06, 2006

ISB Admission Blues

Its been quite a while since i posted something real..(wrestling matches don't qualify as real.. they are surreal :))
The fact is I have been busier than a bunny on heat ... Work ,it seems has drained out every iota of even the negligible potential I had for having a social life. Knowing just two people ,both male and IT geeks doesn't give any sheen to my plumes either.
So strangely enough I find my self in office way before the timing,courtsey '
unfinished business' . This gives me just enough time to actually ponder over the dilemma I have been facing for quites some time.
For those who frequent my blog, or have any semblence of intellegence, my ISB aspirtaions would be pretty obvious . Hell ,I have even classified my blogroll as per ISB batches :)
Now the fact is that ISB is the only B school I want to be a part of. I was very much aware of its existence, but Ankur's admit got me real keen on it .
I registered on the website last year and finished writing some kickass essays. Was supposed to appear for GMAT and complete my application. Sadly two days before my appointment, there was a bereavment in the family, which made me forfeit my appearence ( $ 250 down the pot :( ).
Anyhows, that period gave me some time to introspect a lot of things, especially the essay which asked me to sum up my career progression till date and my post ISB plans.
Further thought made me realize that my reasons for MBA were not good enough, even though my profile had a certain novelty and I could bullshit my way through the interviews ( hell I am a Trainer, I can hustle my way through Abu Gharib).
What I realized that I wanted the MBA in the same manner a dog wants a lamp post ...or a car tyre .(gives him an aim in life :p what else).. My career has been nomadic so far, from Public Relations to BPO operations to Training & Development. So summarizing it one one word would be ' bhelpuri '
If someone asked me the 'unifying theme' of my career choices, I would yap about fractal theory ( Yaa baby ...I can throw hi sounding names too..whtevr fractals mean,look up in wiki ). And my post MBA aspirations were ....getting a hot shot consultant profile at Mc Kinseys or BCG or Booz Allen or EDA or..... with a watermelonish salary and a jet setting lifestyle ...Me lookin out from the window (at the raindrops hitting the glass ) of my 57th floor penthouse in upper Manhattan and brooding about my lonliness ;)...(november rain playin in the background for extra effect)

Of course there is the desire to create an impact in business on a global scale utilizing the refined skills that would be developed and
and opportunities that would be provided at ISB ;)....but me steppin out in my Armani's frm my Humvy creates a even bigger impact ...

Admissions for class of '08 ' have commenced at ISB. If last year's essays seemed out of a beauty pageant, this year they are straight out of 'The Apprentice' . Ordinarily those questions would be asked in a face to face interview, but the adcom seems to have other ideas.

Anyhows , its that time of the year again. I have another year of ' consequential work experience' in my kitty. Acquired newer skills and a bigger paunch :(

As a part time superspy and full time undercover superhero I follow the James Bond funda

1. Always locate exit route first
2. Have a plan B
3. Sleep with a gun under your pillow
4. Never fall in love....

sadly ..I broke the last commandment (even the 3rd one , but that is irrelevent )..

Yes sir , I fell in love....with my job ...
Despite the hectic load, impossible deadlines, maniacal clients and a janitor'a salary.

I enjoy the learning, the pressure, the responsibility, the challenges and the people and the travel.

Coming back to the point of admission, all this has given me the admission blues again. Do I really want to commit another year studying (something I am not to fond off :( ) or do I continue to do what I do best .

A lot of tangibles and intangibles have sprung up in last few weeks. These have a heavy bearing on my decision making process. The major area of concern would be my financial responsibilities towards my family. The way property prices are moving, I would be able to afford a barsati somewhere in Ramgarh in the next 20 years or so.

I do secretly hope some super rich and gainfully employed babe falls for my clumsy n rusty and different charms,(Charlize Theron or Angelina Jolie lookalike would be even better ) and it will be 'Happily ever after '

On more serious lines, I know that an MBA would definately help my career prospects both monetarily and stature wise, provide me with a bigger platform to showcase my abilities, challenges to fulfil my potential and lastly the material resources I so desire, but do I want to let go of the work and people I hold so dear. Even worse, studying Math ( poorly disguised under the name Quant ) which comes under the category of classified Japanese tortures during World War II in my encyclopedia .

I would believe that the answer would be clear by the end of this month.
Opinions on the same would be welcome ..