Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy new year

Happy New Year !!!

The New Year Rings in and the first thing I do is to take my resignation process forward .
I had submitted a beauty of a letter ,that was to see my graceful exit from the lousy project I am a part of ...It so happened that two days later..I submit another mail ,asking to nullify my previous request ....
Sad ..but true..How long can I stay pure at heart ,Mammon has his ways of persuasion .I started this job ,for the love of it .I accepted the embarassing salary in my stride,TOUGH LOVE the say !! Alas ,it is getting tougher for me ...Details are too painful...Sad and tormentful...I guess I have to move on ...
How long can man live on love and fresh air ??....oki ....thrz nothin like fresh air in Delhi !!
Love...more like an attachment ..And i m freed from the umbilical cord on March 2nd ....The countdown has begun ..Itz gonna get wild from here now !!