Monday, January 21, 2008

Srinagar Trip

I recently the got the opportunity to visit my Srinagar. This happened to be my first visit to the land of my ancestors in over 20 years. Though I was a bit apprehensive about the insurgency, the call of my homeland was too overwhelming for such trivialities like blasts or shootouts.

December is certainly not the best of times to be in Srinagar. Its cold to say the least and those in for skiing can head upcountry to Gulmarg which boasts of perhaps the best sking conditions in this part of the world.

Well that was my plan too, atleast for the duration I was working. One day into my 'sabbatical' and I got a call from my boss quizzing about my whereabouts. Duty beckoned and I was back in Delhi with a heavy heart and a promise of coming back soon. Though I hardly got a day, I did manage to shoot some of these

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