Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The year gone by !!

Holy frkin shit ! Almost a year gone without posting anything. I must admit I feel guilty about not being regular... out of plain laziness...what else.

The past year bears sufficient testimony to the same. Let me try and capture some instances

1) I joined the Regional Masonic Lodge and after some time stopped attending the

2) I joined Landmark Forum's Introduction Leaders Forum and stoped going there

too :)
3) I took up atleast three content development projects and finally finished in almost

4 months (a 3 day job each at the most)
4) I have not yet applied to ISB even though collegues inspired by my inclinitaion

towards it
have successfully applied and gone through the interviews as we speak( maybe

next year)
5) I have developed a unique hobby called 'buying books'. In the last 6 months I have

spent an average of 4k/month on this. I conveniently forget to read them
6) I bought a fancy priced 12 gear sports bicycle as a smarter and fun way of

shedding flab. My mom uses it more than I ever did... for drying towels and other
misc laundry

The irony of life is that towards the end of the year I developed and conducted a training program on ' Planning & Prioritization' for a huge client and got a 4.7 feedback on a scale of 5.

Last heard I am consulting a few medicos to get this silly grin surgically removed off my face.

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